Nick  Franks

Dear Parents and students

With the school year now in full swing that means that youth nights are going to start up again. As we have seen in the schools and our province a number of the health regulations are being reimplemented, this will be the same at Youth. Masks will be worn in the church and social distancing will be in place. I know that this is a hot topic and there are many differing opinions on the regulations, we are navigating through the ever changing landscape of COVID and are looking to respect each other and each ones comfort levels. If you do have questions or concerns please reach out to me [email protected]. 

Our youth nights will be happening on Friday nights each week 7:00-9:30, we ask that arrangements for drop off and pick up be made in advance between you and your student. We will be arranging our night to allow for times where masks will not be worn, with various things being held outside (while the weather cooperates), while inside we will be wearing masks with adequate social distancing in place as well. We will be meeting as a whole group (Grades 6-12) at this point. 

The current youth nights plan is this:

7:00 Sign-in and distance hang out.

7:20 Game time (icebreakers, group games, challenges) 

8:00 Large group teaching 

8:30ish Break into small groups. This will be a time to have a discussion about the teaching and a time to share prayer requests and then pray for each other.

9:00ish a time of hanging out or another game to finish off the night

9:30 Head home

All of these plans we hold loosely in our hands as they may need to change based on health regulations changing and also the number of youth that come out each week. Thank you in advance for you grace as we navigate the ever changing COVID landscape as it pertains to youth nights. Again if you have any questions please reach out to me [email protected].

I hope to see you and your youth on Friday nights!

Pastor Nick