Young Adults

Ages 18 - 30

Welcome to life after high school. Our desire is to see you continue to develop your relationship with Jesus and the church. 

We will be discussing topics relevant to your life, diving into the Word of God together, playing games, eating food, and just hanging out enjoying each other’s company in the home of our gracious and intrepid hosts, Taylor and Jill Horn. 

Taylor has been at DAC since 2007. He has been involved with RIOT and DAK and he still has stuck around. He is an outgoing, spontaneous guy with a love for sports, video games and food.

Jill is the girl who was crazy enough to marry him. She has been at DAC since 2012 and has also been an adult volunteer in RIOT. She is fun-loving and kind-hearted and loves spending time with friends and family.

We really hope you will come out and join us for food, laughter, and good times. Feel free to bring a friend out! The more the merrier! We will mainly be communicating about events and other things via the church website and Facebook Messenger in a group chat. If you would like any more information or would like to be added to the group you can speak to Taylor, Jill, or Pastor Josh. We hope to see you there!