Tammy Anderson
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Lori and I are going to be hosting a Sunday luncheon once/month with the goal of inviting input from our DAC family on four key questions.

  • What is right?  When were you most excited about – or felt deepest connection with – DAC?
  • What is broken?  Is there something you deem important that needs to be fixed or improved? 
  • What is confusing?  Is there anything you wonder about at DAC?  A question you want to ask? 
  • What is missing?  Is there a hope/dream you have for DAC?  How could you help us pursue it?     

We hope that by keeping the group small (10-12 people), everyone will have the opportunity  to be heard … and we will also be able to get to know one another a little bit better.

Feel free to bring your kids with you, but please sign up as a family.  For example, Clayton & Lori Nordstrom (plus 3).