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You may have noticed that the Backpack for Kids program is not running this year. After much collaboration, we have concluded that families will most likely be struggling with school fees this year.
Thus, we have created the Sponsor a Student program. While some schools require minimal school fees this year, others are more costly. Below is a list of schools and costs that pertain to them.
We encourage you to pick an amount from below and help a family in our community. You can donate through tithing in the church, E-transfers, cheques, or through our church app. Please clearly mark Sponsor A Student on your envelope or in your e-transfer message.

Rabina Baker Yearly Fees
Kindergarten - $50.00
Grade 1-3 - $10.00
Grade 4 - $20.00

Holy Spirit Yearly Fees
Kindergarten-Grade 6 - $55.00 (There are currently 22-25 kids in need)

Riverview Middle School Yearly Fees
Grades 5-9 - $20.00

Devon Christian School Yearly Fees
We are waiting to hear back from DCS regarding their fees

John Maland High School Yearly Fees
Grade 10 - $150.00 - $200.00
Grade 11 - $100.00 - $150.00
Grade 12 - $50.00 - $75.00
(Grad fees are uncertain at this time)