Newborn - Grade 6

Kids are so important to us and to God. On Sunday mornings, please bring your children with you into the service for a time of worshipping God together. The kids will be dismissed from the service during announcements. To speed the sign-in process up, please sign your child in at the information desk before you enter the sanctuary.  


Our nursery is fully staffed by some wonderful volunteers who love baby snuggles and active toddlers. Nursery is available from 0 to 36 months. You can drop your little one off at any point during the service. You will receive a numbered tag, if we need you during the service the number will flash on the Sanctuary wall. Please remember to return the tag when you come to pick up your child.

Directions: At the south end of the foyer, turn left when entering the main doors. 

Nursing Mother's Room

Located next to the Family washroom at the south end of the foyer, our mothers room is open to any mom who needs a quiet place to nurse, change, or settle her baby. 


Ages 3-5
Where: Classes 3-6
When: Children will be dismissed from the service before announcements (around 11:30 a.m.)

Pre-schoolers will learn a fun Bible story, have a time of prayer, sing together, and complete a craft. When they finish their craft, there will be some time for free play until the service ends. 


Grades 1-4
Where: Classes 1 and 2
Children will be dismissed from the service before announcements (around 11:30 a.m.)

Grade schoolers will learn a new Bible story every week. We will all start out in the fireside room to watch our video then the kids will break into small groups (in classes 1 and 2), where they will have time for prayer, activities and journalling that are all designed to reinforce our main point and Bible verse for the week. The kids will be encouraged to bring their own Bible, memorize the weekly verse and journal about what they are learning. 

Base 56

Grades 5 & 6
Where: The Youth Room (in the basement)  
Children will be dismissed from the service before announcements (around 11:30 a.m.)

The grade 5-6 program has been designed as a way to transition your kids from DAK into the bigger service and into youth group. They will be learning Bible stories in greater detail and will have an opportunity to ask questions and discuss the story with their leaders. There will be an activity and some free time after their lesson until the end of the service. Remember to check the back of their tags to give them permission to leave by themselves!  


At the main entrance there is an information desk where you can sign your kids in for DAK, DAKlings, and our Grade 5-6 program. Once you have filled out a registration form for your child(ren) you will receive a parent and child tag; bring the two tags with you into the sanctuary. When the kids are dismissed give your child(ren) their tag(s) and send them (or bring them) to the foyer where their leaders will guide them to their rooms. When the service is over, please go to the appropriate room and pick your child(ren) up. If you are unsure where the classes are please ask an Usher to direct you or check out the map at the information desk. If you have given your child(ren) permission to leave by themselves (and have checked the back of your child's tag) drop your tag off at the information desk on your way out.