Worship Ministry

Worship Through Music

Our Purpose

To help direct our fellow believers into connection with God through the use of music.

Music on Sundays

People of various ages and backgrounds call DAC home. We aim to blend different styles of worship music to aid as many as possible to connect with God. We also remind ourselves that worship is more than just music on Sunday, but how we live our daily lives in the world for God.  

We have five different worship leaders who each have their unique style, so each service is slightly different, but it's all for the glory of God.  

Getting Involved:

We're always looking for more people to join our team! If you are interested in joining the worship ministries team, here are three criteria that we use as our standard:

Can you attend rehearsals on Thursday evenings (6:30 pm- 8 pm) and Sunday mornings (8:30-9:30 am)?

  • Character - Are you a follower of Jesus, and do you maintain integrity in your life and behaviour? We understand that people come from multiple backgrounds and perspectives and want to respect that, and we want to be able to continually grow together to look more like Jesus in our lives.
  • Competence - Are you musically inclined? Have you trained in your instrument/vocals for at least a year? You don't have to be a professional musician, but some fundamentals have to be in place for a person to be part of the team. We don't strive for perfection, but we want to present our best to the Lord. 
  • Chemistry - Do you get along with others? Can you put differences and preferences aside to rally around leading people into the presence of God? We desire to lead our fellow believers to connect their spirit with God and focus on Him. Each of us has a unique story, but can we be humble enough to make Jesus the main thing? You'll be playing with various people whenever you are scheduled to play, so it's essential to do our best to live at peace with each other.
  • Consistency: Do you have the time to attend rehearsals, pre-service sound checks and team development meetings? We want to make sure you are joining our team from a place of health and not add another stress into your already busy life. We are also very aware that your family is the most critical ministry any of us has and that we must be protected and do our best so it does not suffer.


Special Music Events

We occasionally have guest musical groups or musicians come to our church. Check out the main page for info on the next concert or event at DAC!