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Who Is Jesus? This is an orderly, straightforward guide to Christianity in just 3 chapters.  Perfect for seekers, new believers and those who simply want to revisit the “why’s” of their Christian walk.

Chapter 1:  The Life and Times of Jesus, including the fulfilment of numerous Old Testament prophecies.
Chapter 2:  What Jesus Accomplished in Three Short Years.
Chapter 3:  The Day-to-Day Life of a Follower of Jesus.

Doing this study was revolutionary for me.  I’ve been a Christian for a long time.  I’ve read countless Bible passages, listened to countless sermons, attended countless Bible studies, but if someone had challenged me about my faith, I’d have been hard pressed to put into words the reasons I believe the Bible. This study helped me re-ground my faith and made me more confident in the reasons I trust the Bible and follow Jesus Christ.This is only a three lesson study - we will be meeting here at the church at 1 PM on Tuesday afternoons.  
Please contact Karen Baxter for the start date.  780-951-3368