Clayton Nordstrom
May 1, 2016
Clayton Nordstrom
Senior Pastor


Luke 11:1-4

“Prayer is peculiar. Speaking into space. Lifting words into the sky. We can’t get the cable company to answer us, yet God will? The doctor is too busy, but God isn’t? We have our doubts with prayer - and a checkered history too: unmet expectations, unanswered requests. To some, God is the ultimate heartbreaker. Why keep tossing the coins of our longings into a silent pool? He jilted me once … but not twice. Oh the peculiar puzzle of prayer.”   Max Lucado

The disciples were so confused by prayer that of all the things they could have asked Jesus to explain - how to multiply bread, change water into wine, calm storms, raise people from the dead - the only recorded request from the disciples for a tutorial is on the subject of prayer.