Clayton Nordstrom
December 4, 2016
Clayton Nordstrom
Senior Pastor


Hope For All - Zechariah - Luke 1

Regardless of your marital status or the number of children you've been blessed with, we can relate to the story of Zachariah and Elizabeth because we know what it's like to wonder why God allows certain things to happen.  

if you ever feel overlooked or forgotten, like one tiny soul in a sea of millions, know this, God knows you by name and loves you more than you could ever imagine.  God sees the macro but doesn't neglect the micro.  He cares about the world - but He cares about you.  He had not forgotten about a faithful old priest and his wife - and no matter what your circumstances might tempt you to believe - He hasn't forgotten about you either.  Don't forget that this Christmas.  Hold onto hope...don't let it go.