Student Ministry Volunteers

Amanda Fotty
Day Job: Student, but by night I'm a Special Projects Staff member at the library.
Favourite Food: Cheesecake 
Favourite Movie: Inception, but there are so many more I could mention!
Why I'm at RIOT: I'm trying to avoid growing up and they wouldn't let me stay at RIOT as a student after graduation, so I became a leader!

Austin Nordstrom
Day Job: Part-time broke college kid, part-time Superhero
Favourite Food: Literally changes every day.
Favourite Movie: The Blind Side
Why I'm at RIOT: Teenagers are awesome and I want to be there for them. Plus it means I don't need to grow up as fast!

Josh Jacobs
Day Job: Pastor of Student Ministry at DAC
Favourite Food: Burritos, especially with extra salsa and sour cream. 
Favourite Movie: Batman Begins
Why I'm at RIOT: I've been a pastor since 2011 and I've always loved working with students. I love your energy, your passion, your questions, and your goofiness. I'm up to play guitar or video games pretty much any time!

Nicola Jacobs
Day Job:
 Kids Ministry Coordinator at DAC
Favourite Food: Chocolate/cheesecake/chocolate
Favourite Movie: The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, but Two Towers needs to be the extended edition. 
Why I'm at RIOT: I really want to get to know the students at DAC! I'm also a fiend when it comes to playing dark games and Dutch Blitz, and RIOT's the best place to play them!

Nicole Siemens
Day Job:
 Stay at home Mommy to Jade, Leilani and Gideon.
Favourite Food: Nutella or anything chocolate!
Favourite Movie: The Princess Bride
Why I'm at RIOT: I love working with students. I think they're amazing. I love helping them work through difficult life stuff and being there for them when they need a friend or just someone to vent to.


Matt Siemens